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Ligthart, D. (author)
The Ayeyarwady River is a river with large hydrological variations and an abundance of relatively fine non-cohesive sediment, causing the dynamic behaviour of the river with fast shifting channels. This dynamic behaviour, together with the large hydrological variations, is the source of a frequently flooding river with a moderate navigability....
master thesis 2017
Olij, D.J.C. (author)
In this thesis 6 wave climate reduction methods are described and evaluated. Of these methods, 3 are commonly used in literature and 3 are machine learning methods that are adjusted so that they can be used for the reduction of a wave climate. The evaluation is executed with the use of a Delft3D model of the coast of Durban, South Africa.
master thesis 2015
De Jongste, A.L. (author)
The area of the Merwedes is a transition zone between a tide-dominated area and a river-dominated area. With increasing river discharge, the influence of river flow dominates in this part of the Rhine-Meuse Delta. The composition of the river bed of the Merwedes is also a transitional area, because of the presence of both sand and mud. It is...
master thesis 2010