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Oliveti, M. (author), Abhilakh Missier, G. (author), Mulder, D. (author), Zervakis, D. (author), Wu, H. (author), Van der Spek, S.C. (author), Verbree, E. (author), Zlatanova, S. (author), Poll-van Dasselaar, R. (author)
This Geomatics project was carried out in commission of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Geofort Herwijnen and Facility Management of TU Delft. The research project and this report deliver important fundamental information for scientific/academic paper on Wifi tracking.
student report 2014
Bouzas, Vasileios (author), de Groot, Rob (author), Sajadianjaghargh, Melika (author), Tzounakos, Nikos (author), Wu, Teng (author)
In this report, we briefly summarize the methodology behind the development of a web application for the municipality of the Hague. This application was developed by a group of students during the Synthesis Project (academic period 2017-2018) of the MSc Geomatics programme of TU Delft University, the Netherlands. The main purpose of this...
student report 2018