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Brussee, Anneroos (author), van der Doef, Laura (author), Jansen, Lise (author), Oostrum, Natasja (author)
The Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, built in the forties, are located in Houston and collect precipitation and run-off from upstream areas to reduce flood risks along Buffalo Bayou to protect downtown Houston. During Hurricane Harvey (August 25 - August 30, 2017), the precipitation reached a new record of 910 mm [36.2 inches] in a 4 day period in...
student report 2017
Jansen, P.R. (author)
CB&I is experiencing an issue in a new project to be executed in Russia, named NKNK. Despite the rich experience CB&I has with projects, there is a continuous struggle with the sourcing process in projects which it involves financing by multiple export credit agencies. The issue at stake is, CB&I does not know beforehand in which countries it is...
master thesis 2013