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Perdeck, Matthias (author)
In interplanetary space missions, it is convenient to have a second departure opportunity in case the first is missed. Two distinct approaches to minimizing the maximum of the two Delta-V budgets of such a trajectory pair, are developed. The first (‘a priori’) approach optimizes the variables of both trajectories at once. The second (‘a...
master thesis 2018
Spillenaar Bilgen, Jesper (author)
The main goal of any launch vehicle is to bring as much payload to space as possible. Space planes have been studied for decades, as they are thought to be more cost effective for frequent access to space than traditional expendable launchers. This research aims at optimizing the payload capacity of a single stage to orbit (SSTO) horizontal take...
master thesis 2017
Musegaas, P. (author)
The optimization of high-thrust interplanetary trajectories continues to draw attention. Especially when both Multiple Gravity Assists (MGA) as well as Deep Space Maneuvers (DSMs) are included, the optimization is typically very difficult. The search space may be characterized by a large number of minima and is furthermore very sensitive to...
master thesis 2013