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Valsamos, Charalampos Michail (author)
Nowadays with the growth of social media, users upload millions of photos in different platforms online. Researchers in the field of computer vision devote their time and effort to analyze images in order to gain valuable insight. Data
analysis and classification can be impeded by different factors. One of which is the image filters that are...
master thesis 2019
Balayn, Agathe (author)
Training machine learning (ML) models for natural language processing usually requires lots of data that is often acquired through crowdsourcing. In crowdsourcing, crowd workers annotate data samples according to one or more properties, such as the sentiment of a sentence, the violence of a video segment, the aesthetics of an image, ... To...
master thesis 2018
Choiri, Hendra Hadhil (author)
Analysing attractiveness of places in a region is beneficial to support urban planning and policy making. However, the attractiveness of a place is a subjective and high-level concept which is difficult to quantify. The existing methods rely on traditional surveys which may require high cost and have low scalability. This thesis attempts to...
master thesis 2017