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Sahla, Nordin (author)
The last decade has marked a rapid and significant growth of the global market of warehouse automation. The biggest challenge lies in the identification and handling of foreign objects. The aim of this research is to investigate whether a usable relation exist between object features such as size or shape, and barcode location, that can be used...
master thesis 2018
Choiri, Hendra Hadhil (author)
Analysing attractiveness of places in a region is beneficial to support urban planning and policy making. However, the attractiveness of a place is a subjective and high-level concept which is difficult to quantify. The existing methods rely on traditional surveys which may require high cost and have low scalability. This thesis attempts to...
master thesis 2017
van der Valk, Daan (author)
Side-channel attacks (SCA) aim to extract a secret cryptographic key from a device, based on unintended leakage. Profiled attacks are the most powerful SCAs, as they assume the attacker has a perfect copy of the target device under his control. In recent years, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) techniques have became popular as...
master thesis 2019