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van der Heijden, Ties (author)
This thesis investigates the potential of a large pumping station in IJmuiden, the Nether-lands, for participating in Demand Response. Due to climate change, renewable energy is onthe rise. The intermittency of energy, together with its unpredictable supply, are a big hurdlefor the energy transition. Two methods are promising solutions to this...
master thesis 2019
Bakker, Ilse (author)
Kitepower is a start up that generates energy using kites. The Kitepower system consists of airborne components, and a ground station where a drum is connected to a generator/electrical motor. For generating energy a so called pumping cycle is performed. In a pumping cycle energy is generated during the traction phase when the kite pulls the...
bachelor thesis 2018
Doekemeijer, B.M. (author)
Wind turbines are often grouped together for financial reasons, but due to wake development this usually results in decreased turbine lifetimes and power capture, and thereby an increased levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Wind farm control aims to minimize this cost by operating turbines at their optimal control settings. Most state-of-the-art...
master thesis 2016