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Wolters, H.J. (author), Melllink, B. (author), Van Velzen, G. (author), Verbruggen, W. (author), Van de Sande, S. (author), Simoons, E. (author), Krom, J.K. (author), El Hamdi, A. (author), Kalf, P. (author), Lin, C.H. (author), Willems, J. (author), Jelia, J. (author)
On the first day research is done at a beach north of Varna, which is called Sirius Beach. This research is presented in chapter 2. In the research the waterline and cross sections are compared with the previous years. The following is concluded: there is a strong seasonal variation which influenced the measured data, there is a decreasing trend...
student report 2011
Bel, N. (author), Disco, M. (author), Kalf, P. (author), Kluwen, J. (author), Lin, C.H. (author), Van de Sande, S. (author)
Master project report. On behalf of, and in cooperation with the TU Delft and the MARD-CWRCT two dike designs are made for a pilot project on Cat Hai Island. Two different types of revetments are used, namely the Dutch block type revetment Basalton and the classic rip-rap revetment. The designs are based on the available boundary conditions, the...
student report 2010
Bitenc, M. (author), Bloemsma, M.R. (author), Duijnmayer, K. (author), Lin, K. (author), Piozziol, S. (author), Saleh, M.A.G. (author), Stam, J. (author), Widiastuti, E. (author), Yin, Y. (author)
There are currently three active projects under development for the Delfland coast, all aiming at reinforcing the coast. The main issue is where to put the sand such that it arrives at the coast in the best place, without causing any damage to e.g. the new nature development. To answer this question, knowledge about sand transport is necessary,...
student report 2008