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Bosman, G. (author), Dijkstra, O. (author), Gilding, C. (author), Van der Hoeven, T. (author), Langedijk, J. (author), Trung, L.H. (author), Louwersheimer, W.F. (author), Maaskant, B. (author), Van der Sande, M. (author), De Waal, R.J. (author), De Wit, A. (author), Zweers, S. (author)
For the course CT5318 a trip is made to Varna, Bulgaria, where hydraulic measurement s on the beach and the coastal structures are executed by the students. This report describes the measured data, the used methods and the technical interpretation of the results. All the data was processed in Varna and analysed once returned in the Netherlands....
student report 2005