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Cats, G. (author), Disselkoen, M. (author), Galema, A. (author), De Greef, J. (author), Habets, C. (author), Van Loon, P. (author), Olij, D. (author), Oujamaa, I. (author), Rijsburger, S. (author), Stuij, S. (author), Treffers, J. (author), Tuinhof, T. (author), Veraart, S. (author), Versteegt, G. (author), Vos, G.J. (author), Vrolijk, E. (author), Chernaev, H. (author), Nikolova, S. (author), Moinova, D. (author), Karakolev, P. (author)
Sirius Beach and Azalea Beach are beaches situated north of Varna in Bulgaria. The beaches have names of hotels situated at the beach. The hotel owners describe large scale erosion at the beaches over the years. Throughout the years groups of students from Delft have measured the waterline (by GPS) and the cross sections. The beaches are...
student report 2012