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van den Boom, Y. (author), Jimmink, J. (author), Lamens, P. (author), van Rhijn, T. (author), Wegman, R. (author)
To the North of the city of Concepción in the South-West of Chile, lies the town of Dichato. It is situated on the south-eastern side of Coliumo Bay. The Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) owns a marine concession in this bay, which includes a section of beach and sea for a Marine Biology Station (EBMD), belonging to the Faculty of Natural and...
student report 2017
Jager, T. (author), Smoor, A.C. (author), Tiehatten, B.M.H. (author), Wester, F.E. (author)
Iquique is an important city in the northern of Chile. For the coast of Iquique a seismic gap with a return period of 111 ± 33 years is present. Since the last big event in 1877 only 20 % of the accumulated seismic slip is released. The configuration of Iquique is such that a large future earthquake and subsequent tsunami would generate a...
student report 2015