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de Kruijf, Tessa (author), Frederik, Kevin (author), Janmaat, Ivar (author), Woerlee, Sebastiaan (author)
The focus of this research is to provide solutions to the city of Campeche to decrease the<br/>inundation risks generated by a hurricane with an occurrence of once in <br/>fifty years. Campeche<br/>is a city located at the Gulf of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. The rapid growth of the<br/>city is one of the reasons it is having troubles with...
student report 2017
Kerssens, P. (author), Verreijken, K. (author), Vermerris, P. (author), Wijs, J. (author)
Student project report, in cooperation with Smith-Warner International Ltd. (SWIL), Kingston, Jamaica. At this moment the shipping channels in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica, slowly accrete. When the harbour is expanded, the local and global sediment transport is likely to change. During this project it is investigated whether these changes are...
student report 2012
Baart, S.A. (author), Van Kruchten, Y.J.G. (author), McCall, R.T. (author), Van Nieuwkoop, J.C.C. (author)
Master project report. Havana is protected from the sea’s severity by a seawall which is called the Malecón. The study area of this report is section 4 of the Malecón which more or less matches the coast of the district ‘Centro Habana’. Since the construction of the Malecón the hinterland has frequently been flooded due to storms and hurricanes...
student report 2006