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Van Bekkum, R. (author), Van Belzen, J.C. (author), Li, H.Y.V. (author)
With the dawn of the era of the Internet of Things(IoT) more everyday objects are equipped with technology that allows them to be connected to the Internet and therefore enabling (remotely) controlling or gathering data from these objects. DSP Innovation B.V. aims to respond on this emerging development by introducing a second generation IoT...
bachelor thesis 2015
Li, Vincent (author)
In this thesis the stability type of y=0 is being considered for the delay differential equation y''(t) + ay(t) + by(t-1) = 0 with a and b real numbers. It is already known that y=0 is stable when b=0 and a>0 and unstable when b=0 and a<0. The aim of this project is to determine the stability of y=0 for all values of a and b. First, the...
bachelor thesis 2019