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Scholze, Lea (author)
The Productive City in Antwerp, a material research and textile production with integrated residence: The notion of working and living in the same place has been a particular aspect of every city in the past. With industrialization, especially production and crafts have been driven out of the inner city. With the emergence of the idea of the ...
master thesis 2019
van der Drift, B. (author)
The essence of the program and of its articulation resides in the duality which exists between the plinth of the block and the tower. The plinth volume, of a pedestrian scale, dedicated to the productive city and the community facilities, forms a base for the existing building. Small scale production spaces which surround a courtyard, construct...
master thesis 2020
Benoit, Pierre-Loup (author)
"At the beginning of this graduation year, there is a theme: Glaneurs, Glaneuse.<br/>‘We are concerned with the city as a man- made landscape. The studio intends to reap and sow pieces of the city, to work with the existing and make use of its resources and potentials.’<br/><br/>In this case, gleaning is interpreted as an attitude to valorize...
master thesis 2022