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Theocharous, Vangelis (author)
The promotion of the data re-usability was the main motivation behind the conception of linked data. Spatial data can also be expressed as linked data. This thesis explores different approaches to utilize spatial data in linked data format, in order to determine if the technologies have matured enough to assist solving spatial problems. More...
master thesis 2019
Groeneveld, IJ.D.G. (author), Sulzer, R. (author), Theocharous, E. (author), Tryfona, M.S. (author), Willems, O.T. (author), Xu, Y. (author)
The Wi-Fi technologies are used in everyday life on numerous applications that detect the crowd information for commercial, security and other reasons. The Wi-Fi monitoring can be used for tracking people when they are moving along different access points. The results from the Wi-Fi monitoring can provide the location of the users in an area and...
student report 2016