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Villa Acuña, Paloma (author)
Since its inception in 1975, Genetics Algorithms (GAs) have been successfully used as a tool for global optimization on non-convex problems in a wide range of real world applications. Its creation was inspired by natural adaptation and selection mechanisms that evolve from one population of chromosomes to a fitter population by means of an...
master thesis 2018
Slotboom, Cynthia (author)
In a Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW), orders have to be picked up and delivered within certain time windows. In practice, planners often allow violations of these time windows, when the solutions with violations have better objective values. This is done by changing the problem into a Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time...
master thesis 2019
Barendse, Thomas (author)
Demand for online grocer Picnic has increased exponentially over the past years, and their truck transport operation must scale with it. Given the resource constraints at all warehouses, as well as other specific restrictions, this poses a Multi Depot Pickup and Delivery Problem with Resource Constraints, for which no good solutions are found to...
master thesis 2022