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Cederhout, Q. (author)
Dynamic Time Slot Management (DTSM) is a system often used in online retail to manage the delivery of goods to customers. With DTSM customers arrive over time and place orders. They get presented with a set of time slots and the customer picks the time slot in which he wants the goods to be delivered to his home. A DTSM system creates a time...
master thesis 2020
Slotboom, Cynthia (author)
In a Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW), orders have to be picked up and delivered within certain time windows. In practice, planners often allow violations of these time windows, when the solutions with violations have better objective values. This is done by changing the problem into a Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time...
master thesis 2019
Van den Berg, S.G. (author)
The last few miles when transporting goods are often the most expensive. This is called the `Lastmile' and is under increasing attention in literature and with decision makers. In addition to being expensive the last mile frequently runs through urban areas and contributes to local pollution and congestion. One possible method to increase...
master thesis 2015