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Koene, Marijke (author)
Stress is a well-known phenomenon and something everyone experiences. Urban stress however, stress caused by and in the built environment of urban areas, is less known. Still, quite some research has been done on this topic from the fields of sociology and psychology, but there are not many resources that focus on urban stress - with all its...
master thesis 2018
Koene, E.F.M. (author)
Marine seismic acquisition tows submerged streamers to record pressure waves from the subsurface. The recording, however, contains both the desired upgoing wavefield and its (immediate) reflection off the sea-surface, causing a downgoing wavefield known as the seismic ghost. Interference between the up- and downgoing waves causes periodic low...
master thesis 2016
Koene, F.A.C.M. (author)
master thesis 1985