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Meijer, Friso (author)
From the 3500 kilometers of primary flood defenses in the Netherlands, a third does not comply with the current standards. As a result, over 700 kilometers will be strengthened in the upcoming years. Traditional strengthening of dikes consists of strengthening with soil and requires space that is often not available. Further strengthening of...
master thesis 2019
Jongerius, Y.R. (author)
In this research the reliability of dikes are studied that are influenced by the presence of buildings. Along many Dutch dikes (residential) buildings are present. These buildings may influence the reliability of the dike positevely and or negatively. In this study a probabilistic method is developed to determine the influence of a building,...
master thesis 2016
Spaargaren, T.N. (author)
Introduction The popularity of monitoring dikes with sensor techniques is rising. It is claimed that sensor techniques lead to significant cost savings and can predict an upcoming dike collapse. But a technical foundation to use the sensor monitoring information in flood safety assessment is lacking. This research investigates the contribution...
master thesis 2012