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Jongerius, Y.R. (author)
In this research the reliability of dikes are studied that are influenced by the presence of buildings. Along many Dutch dikes (residential) buildings are present. These buildings may influence the reliability of the dike positevely and or negatively. In this study a probabilistic method is developed to determine the influence of a building,...
master thesis 2016
Oosterlo, P. (author)
In this thesis, a method was developed, with which the infragravity waves and morphological changes of a sandy foreshore are included in the calculation of the probability of dike failure due to wave overtopping. Constructing a natural foreshore in front of the dike can be an attractive and innovative method to decrease the failure probability....
master thesis 2015
Stoeten, K.J. (author)
More than five years after Hurricane Ike devastated the Galveston Bay Area, the most critical challenge remains; reducing flood vulnerability. In response to Hurricane Ike’s disastrous impact, several structural flood risk reduction strategies have been proposed. Some advocating local solutions, others advocating system-wide coastal barriers....
master thesis 2013