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Caminada, Ilse (author)
Information about the hydrodynamic, sediment transport and morphodynamics is limited in pocket beaches (Dehouck et al., 2009). However, a good understanding is necessary for effective management of coastal areas (Scholar et al., 1998). A small artificial pocket beach has relatively large shadow zones, therefore, diffraction might be an important...
master thesis 2018
Blom, J. (author), Caminada, I. (author), Colina Alonso, A. (author), Nientker, G. (author), Rijper, H. (author), Stoop, N. (author)
The objective of this research is to make a general framework, that when run through one can find a suitable measure to make a particular area in Myanmar flood proof. Myanmar suffers from yearly floods that have a huge impact on the population. Making an area flood proof is therefore one of the objectives of the civilian government. In this...
student report 2016