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Kotoula, Lydia (author)
Spatial data acquisition is rapidly developing, making point clouds available and easily accessible for many applications and to many end-users. Nowadays, point clouds are the main surveying product and have more added value than derived products as they keep details and they are not interpolated. Raw point clouds do not contain information that...
master thesis 2018
Sirdeshmukh, Neeraj (author), Kotoula, Lydia (author), Christodoulou, Antria (author), Manolova, Manuela (author), Oostwegel, Laurens (author)
This paper has its focus on the accessibility, interoperability and quality of different point cloud datasets. The main objective of the project is to research the process of harmonizing point cloud datasets of different origins and to incorporate the integrated datasets in a web viewer that allows for visualization and analysis. As a case study...
student report 2017