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Ram, Bjorn (author)
When competing standards are introduced into the market, the firms that introduce the standards often put considerable effort into becoming dominant. Such a face-off is called a standards battle. This level of competition can slow market adoption and increases costs for all those involved. It is therefore important to better understand standards...
master thesis 2018
Ram, Raju (author)
Groundwater, present beneath the earth’s surface in soil pore spaces, is the primary source of fresh water that we use in day to day life. Hydrologists at Dutch research institute Deltares are developing large groundwater models to support water man- agers in their decision-making process. For example, these models simulate effects such as water...
master thesis 2017
Ram, W.A. (author)
Digitale dienstverlening is tegenwoordig alom. Ook de overheid is druk bezig met het ontwikkelen van digitale dienstverlening. In deze scriptie wordt getracht om een methodologie voor de invoering van digitale diensten bij de overheid te ontwikkelen. Hierbij wordt gebruik gemaakt van de richtlijnen van Hevner et al. en van uit de literatuur...
master thesis 2010