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Ram, Raju (author)
Groundwater, present beneath the earth’s surface in soil pore spaces, is the primary source of fresh water that we use in day to day life. Hydrologists at Dutch research institute Deltares are developing large groundwater models to support water man- agers in their decision-making process. For example, these models simulate effects such as water...
master thesis 2017
Leenders, Sjoerd (author)
The growth of the offshore wind industry results in intensive usage of the sandy seabed in the North Sea, currently and in the coming decades. Large-scale bed forms are present in shallow seas with sandy beds such as the North Sea. The most dynamic bed forms are sand waves. Due to their dynamic behaviour, sand waves can interact within offshore...
master thesis 2018
Breunissen, Rens (author)
Numerical methods for solving problems with a large contrast in the coefficients are investigated in this report. These types of problems typically appear in basin modeling. Specifically, the deflation and restricted additive Schwarz (RAS) methods are compared for their effectiveness in solving this type of problem in combination with the...
master thesis 2022