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Zhou, Y.O. (author)
Due to the necessity of more sources of renewable wind generated energy, the number of wind turbines in the Netherlands has grown in the past. Unfortunately, big sizes and movements of the blades negatively impact ground-based Doppler radars in the form of Doppler clutter. Such clutter leads to a downgrade of the surveillance radar performance...
master thesis 2015
Schreuders, J. (author)
During the period 2007-2011, the Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) division of TU Delft developed PARSAX, a high resolution FMCW research radar. Since it moves relatively slow, and it cannot utilize techniques such as monopulse or conical scanning, it is unable to track aircraft by itself. An external source of information is needed,...
master thesis 2014
Radeljic Jakic, B. (author)
The Technical University of Delft has started a project in the form of a Master Thesis to improve their existing and develop new algorithms for processing the measured data with the PARSAX radar for 2D-Windfield monitoring. A new algorithm is developed that detects and estimates the multi-layered structure of a windfield using the measured...
master thesis 2013