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Wróbel, Aleksandra (author)
Recent times are characterised by the domination of vision; as a result, the relation with the environment is very often superficial and based on a distance - very little attention is paid to acoustic relations which equally to visual means shape our experience of space. If sounds are understood as a set of acoustic relations resulting from...
master thesis 2021
Oldenkamp, Lize (author)
The world we live in is more and more a digital world and the number of people having access to digital communication technologies is growing rapidly. This integration of digital technologies into everyday life is what is called the digitalization process (IGI Global dictionary, 2018). It is a process that can be seen as a long-term societal...
master thesis 2020
Koene, Marijke (author)
Stress is a well-known phenomenon and something everyone experiences. Urban stress however, stress caused by and in the built environment of urban areas, is less known. Still, quite some research has been done on this topic from the fields of sociology and psychology, but there are not many resources that focus on urban stress - with all its...
master thesis 2018