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Motoroiu, S. (author)
In the last couple of years, mobile telephony has truly become global, with more than 4 billion users worldwide nowadays (compared to less than 1bn ten years ago). This has represented a boost not just for the mobile phones industry, but also for that of wireless infrastructure. Larger-scale production and increased competition have transformed...
master thesis 2011
He, J. (author)
Currently the Doherty Power Amplifier (DPA) is replacing the traditional Class B amplifier in base-station and broadcast applications, as such becoming the preferred choice of industry due to its simplicity and high efficiency performance. In spite of its success, so far practical DPA implementations can provide only a very limited RF bandwidth,...
master thesis 2013
Kumaran, A.K. (author)
CMOS technology is one of the feasible solutions to meet the world’s growing demand for high data rates because it offers the prospect of SoC at a low cost. But, the PA forms the major bottleneck in making SoC because the PAs in high data rate wireless communication systems have the requirement of high-efficiency and good linearity even at...
master thesis 2020