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Knippenberg, S.B. (author)
In some types of endovascular surgery on the aorta, a catheter needs to be placed in a renal artery to enable renal artery stenting. Therefore, a catheter and a medical guide wire are maneuvered through the vascular system and placed inside the renal artery. In one in eight patients, the renal artery is angulated ≤50°, which could cause the...
master thesis 2016
Knippenberg, N.J. (author)
In cities throughout the world, and Europe in particular, the centers are being freed form motorized transport. The main reasons are reducing noize, emissions and congestion on the roads, creating a much more pleasant urban environmment. For TNT Express these developments pose problems for their deliveries and pickups, but as a very...
master thesis 2011
Knippenberg, Kjell (author)
Hely has developed Mobility as a Service (MaaS) through multimodal Hubs,<br/>which are offered within closed-user residential areas and made accessible<br/>through an application. This exploratory study aims to assess people’s mobility<br/>behaviour by the usage of Hely in a closed user group. It focused on two<br/>aspects: the indication of (1)...
master thesis 2019