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Angeletti, Rachele (author)
The extensive amount of knowledge possessed by an organization represents one of its most valuable resources. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to pinpoint, arrange and reuse such knowledge in an effective and productive manner. Moreover, in the last two decades companies have been increasingly using serious games and simulations for the most...
master thesis 2018
De Bruijn, F.S.N. (author)
Unilever posseses an impressive amoutn of information, but this is not accesiable for the sales representatives. A information system is designed to make this information accesiable and a presentation tool to communicate the information to the customers.
master thesis 2011
Pagnan, Riccardo (author)
In today’s interconnected and dynamic world, sharing knowledge within a company and streamlining its workflow can be a significant source of competitive advantage. As a matter of fact, the literature consistently shows that firms which invest in Enterprise Systems tend to perform better financially and have better retention rates. However,...
master thesis 2020