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Keijzers, C.J.H. (author)
doctoral thesis 2012
Götz, G.T.J. (author)
We experimentally investigate Quantum Dots, formed in Carbon Nanotubes. The first part of this thesis deals with charge sensing on such quantum dots. The charge sensor is a metallic Single-electron-transistor, sensitive to the charge of a single electron on the quantum dot. We use this technique for real-time charge readout and precise tuning of...
doctoral thesis 2010
Jarillo-Herrero, P.D. (author)
Electronic transport through nanostructures can be very different from trans- port in macroscopic conductors, especially at low temperatures. Carbon na- notubes are tiny cylinders made of carbon atoms. Their remarkable electronic and mechanical properties, together with their small size (a few nm in diameter), make them very attractive for...
doctoral thesis 2005