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Vtyurina, N. (author)
Each confined cell created by nature and containing DNA molecule falls into the category of “alive organism”. All information about this organism is encoded in DNA molecule in genes, except of fate only. Along with the DNA molecule that represents genetic carrier, the organism neither the genome could function without proteins. Proteins are the...
doctoral thesis 2016
Vtyurina, N. (author), Dulin, D. (author), Docter, M.W. (author), Meyer, A.S. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author), Abbondanzieri, E. (author)
In all organisms, DNA molecules are tightly compacted into a dynamic 3D nucleoprotein complex. In bacteria, this compaction is governed by the family of nucleoid-associated proteins (NAPs). Under conditions of stress and starvation, an NAP called Dps (DNA binding protein from starved cells) becomes highly up-regulated and can massively...
journal article 2016