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Smit, G. (author)
Replacement of a missing hand by an artificial alternative remains one of the biggest challenges in rehabilitation. Although many different terminal devices are available, around 27% of the amputees does not actively use their device and 20% totally refrains from wearing it. There are various reasons for prosthesis abandonment, e.g. wearing...
doctoral thesis 2013
Smit, G. (author), Plettenbrug, D.H. (author), Van der Helm, F.C.T. (author)
Background: Cosmetic gloves that cover a prosthetic hand have a parasitic positive stiffness that counteracts the flexion of a finger joint. Objectives: Reducing the required input torque to move a finger of a prosthetic hand by compensating the parasitic stiffness of the cosmetic glove. Study design: Experimental, test bench. Methods: The...
journal article 2014