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Van der Avoort, C. (author), Van Brug, H. (author), Den Herder, J.W. (author), d'Arcio, L. (author), Le Poole, R. (author), Braat, J. (author)
Homothetic mapping is an aperture synthesis technique that allows interferometric imaging over a wide fieldof-view. A laboratory experiment was set up to demonstrate the feasibility of this technique. Here, we present the first static experiments on homothetic mapping that have been done on the Delft Testbed for Interferometry (DTI). Before a...
conference paper 2004
Van der Avoort, C. (author), Den Herder, J.W. (author), Braat, J. (author)
This paper compares two well-known types of interferometer arrays for optical aperture synthesis. An analytical model for both types describes the expected output, in terms of photon counts. The goal is to characterize the performance of both types of array for blind imaging of a wide-field or extended object that would be partially resolved by...
conference paper 2005