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Chen, Zhi Guo (author), Chen, R. Y. (author), Zhong, R. D. (author), Schneeloch, John (author), Zhang, C. (author), Huang, Y. (author), Qu, F. (author), Li, Q. (author), Gu, G. D. (author), Wang, N. L. (author)
Three-dimensional topological insulators (3D TIs) represent states of quantum matters in which surface states are protected by timereversal symmetry and an inversion occurs between bulk conduction and valence bands. However, the bulk-band inversion, which is intimately tied to the topologically nontrivial nature of 3D Tis, has rarely been...
journal article 2017
Qu, L. (author), Huang, Xin (author), Yang, Qiao (author)
In the past few years, one of the major changes in urban development strategies of the first-tier cities in China is the increasing focus on urban regeneration. To cope with the magnitude of migration and challenges of economic transition, these cities are forced to find new models of urban redevelopment. This has brought up a few challenging...
conference paper 2017
McQueen, T.M. (author), Huang, Q. (author), Ksenofontov, V. (author), Felser, C. (author), Xu, Q. (author), Zandbergen, H. (author), Hor, Y.S. (author), Allred, J. (author), Williams, A.J. (author), Qu, D. (author), Checkelsky, J. (author), Ong, N.P. (author), Cava, R.J. (author)
The recently discovered iron arsenide superconductors appear to display a universal set of characteristic features, including proximity to a magnetically ordered state and robustness of the superconductivity in the presence of disorder. Here we show that superconductivity in Fe1+?Se, which can be considered the parent compound of the...
journal article 2009