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Lin, Q. (author), Zhang, Yihuan (author), Verwer, S.E. (author), Wang, Jun (author)
This paper proposes a novel hybrid model for learning discrete and continuous dynamics of car-following behaviors. Multiple modes representing driving patterns are identified by partitioning the model into groups of states. The model is visualizable and interpretable for car-following behavior recognition, traffic simulation, and human-like...
journal article 2019
Cui, Z. (author), Zhang, Yingying (author), Yang, Qun (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author), Chen, Xianping (author)
Interfacial properties of Cu/SiO<sub>2</sub> in semiconductor devices has been a challenging study for many years because of its difficulties in experimentally quantifying the critical strength of interface. In this paper, a multi-scale modeling approach is built to characterize the interfacial properties between Cu and SiO<sub>2</sub>. The...
conference paper 2018
Liu, Zhigang (author), Wang, H. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author), Yang, S. (author), Nunez Vicencio, A.A. (author), Zhang, J. (author)
This paper explores the use of pantograph-catenary contact force (PCCF) for monitoring of the current collection quality and detection of anomalies in the interaction between pantograph and catenary. The concept of catenary structure wavelength (CSW) is proposed as the dominant component of PCCF. It describes the signal components caused by the...
journal article 2016