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Zhu, Feida (author), Zhang, Yongfeng (author), Yorke-Smith, N. (author), Guo, Guibing (author), Chen, Xu (author)
Recommendation system has became an important component in many real applications, ranging from e-commerce, music app to video-sharing site and on-line book store. The key of a successful recommendation system lies in the accurate user/item profiling. With the advent of web 2.0, quite a lot of multimodal information has been accumulated,...
abstract 2018
Abrahamsen, Asger Bech (author), Liu, D. (author), Magnusson, Niklas (author), Thomas, A (author), Azar, Ziad (author), Stehouwer, Ewoud (author), Hendriks, E (author), Penzkofer, A. (author), Atallah, K (author), Dragan, R.R. (author), .Clark, R.E. (author), Deng, F. (author), Chen, Z (author), Karwatzki, D. (author), Mertens, A. (author), Parker, Max (author), Finney, Stephen J. (author), Polinder, H. (author)
Innovative drive trains targeted at 10-20 MW offshore turbines are investigated in the INNWIND.EU project in order to determine the impact on the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) resulting when installed in the ,North sea at 50 m of water [1]. The two main technologies studied are superconducting direct drive (SCDD)[2] and the magnetic pseudo...
abstract 2017
Chen, Zhipei (author), Koleva, D.A. (author), van Breugel, K. (author)
In practice, reinforced concrete structures may encounter different kinds of curing conditions
due to the weather (sun radiation, air moisture and wind), nearby external environment
(seawater, attack of stray current arising from nearby railways), or human factors (insufficient
curing period). In some extreme conditions, the...
abstract 2015