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de Vries, F.K. (author), Shen, J. (author), Skolasinski, R.J. (author), Nowak, M.P. (author), Varjas, D. (author), Wang, L. (author), Wimmer, M.T. (author), Zwanenburg, F.A. (author), Li, A. (author), Kölling, S. (author), Verheijen, M.P.A.M. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Kouwenhoven, L.P. (author)
Low dimensional semiconducting structures with strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) and induced superconductivity attracted great interest in the search for topological superconductors. Both the strong SOI and hard superconducting gap are directly related to the topological protection of the predicted Majorana bound states. Here we explore the...
journal article 2018
Zhang, H. (author), Gül, Ö (author), Conesa Boj, S.C. (author), Nowak, M.P. (author), Wimmer, M.T. (author), Zuo, K. (author), Mourik, Vincent (author), de Vries, F.K. (author), van Veen, J. (author), de Moor, M.W.A. (author), Bommer, J.D.S. (author), van Woerkom, D.J. (author), Car, Diana (author), Plissard, S.R. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Quintero Perez, M. (author), Cassidy, M.C. (author), Koelling, Sebastian (author), Goswami, S. (author), Watanabe, Kenji (author), Taniguchi, Takashi (author), Kouwenhoven, L.P. (author)
Semiconductor nanowires have opened new research avenues in quantum transport owing to their confined geometry and electrostatic tunability. They have offered an exceptional testbed for superconductivity, leading to the realization of hybrid systems combining the macroscopic quantum properties of superconductors with the possibility to...
journal article 2017