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Jeong, D.H. (author), Jang, B.B. (author), Lee, J.Y. (author), Hong, S.I. (author), Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author), de Zeeuw, K. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author), Lemmen, C.H.J. (author), Zevenbergen, J.A. (author)
Korea and The Netherlands have started a 3 year cooperation covering joint research, capacity building and international advisory in the domain of cadastre and land administration with a special focus on 3D developments. At the Korean side the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation and the University of Seoul are involved, while at the Netherlands...
conference paper 2012
Zlatanova, S. (author), van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author), Lee, J (author), Li, Ki-Joune (author), Lemmen, C. H. J. (author)
Guidance and security in large public buildings such as airports, museums and shopping malls requires much more information that traditional 2D methods offer. Therefore 3D semantically-reach models have been actively investigated with the aim to gather knowledge about availability and accessibility of spaces. Spaces can be unavailable to...
conference paper 2016