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Tobón, L. (author), Chen, J. (author), Lee, J. (author), Yuan, M. (author), Zhao, B. (author), Liu, Q.H. (author)
Many system-level electromagnetic design problems are multiscale and very challenging to solve. They remain a significant barrier to system design optimization for a foreseeable future. Such multiscale problems often contain three electrical scales, i.e., the fine scale (geometrical feature size much smaller than a wavelength), the coarse scale ...
conference paper 2013
Agusdinata, D.B. (author), Lee, S. (author), Zhao, F. (author), DeLaurentis, D. (author), Thissen, W.A.H. (author)
A full realization of alternative energy such as biofuels depends on the existence of a viable supply chain (SC) network. This work seeks to understand the dynamics of biofuels SC network by developing an approach to model the dynamics and characterize system behavior. A multi-actor approach is pursued in which the interests of three supply...
conference paper 2012