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Kaelen, J.W.E.N. (author)
The financial crisis and the introduction of low-budget companies have brought major changes to the air freight community. Competition became stronger and cost control became more important. This led to new ways of organizing aircraft Maintenance, Repair, Overhauls and Upgrades (MRO&U), which became performance oriented. For the triad of...
doctoral thesis 2014
Straathof, M.H. (author)
This thesis introduces a new parameterization technique based on the Class-Shape-Transformation (CST) method. The new technique consists of an extension to the CST method in the form of a refinement function based on B-splines. This Class-Shape-Refinement-Transformation (CSRT) method has the same advantages as the original CST method, while also...
doctoral thesis 2012
Homsi, P. (author)
conference paper 2006