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Sprenger, Matthias (author), Stumpp, Christine (author), Weiler, Markus (author), Aeschbach, Werner (author), Allen, Scott T. (author), Benettin, Paolo (author), Dubbert, Maren (author), Hartmann, Andreas (author), Hrachowitz, M. (author), More Authors (author)
The time that water takes to travel through the terrestrial hydrological cycle and the critical zone is of great interest in Earth system sciences with broad implications for water quality and quantity. Most water age studies to date have focused on individual compartments (or subdisciplines) of the hydrological cycle such as the unsaturated...
review 2019
Widder, Stefanie (author), Allen, Rosalind J. (author), Pfeiffer, Thomas (author), Curtis, Thomas P. (author), Wiuf, Carsten (author), Sloan, William T. (author), Cordero, Otto X. (author), Brown, Sam P. (author), Picioreanu, C. (author), Momeni, Babak (author)
The importance of microbial communities (MCs) cannot be overstated. MCs underpin the biogeochemical cycles of the earth's soil, oceans and the atmosphere, and perform ecosystem functions that impact plants, animals and humans. Yet our ability to predict and manage the function of these highly complex, dynamically changing communities is...
review 2016