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Suresh Kumar, P. (author), Korving, Leon (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Witkamp, G.J. (author)
Eutrophication and the resulting formation of harmful algal blooms (HAB) causes huge economic and environmental damages. Phosphorus (P) from sewage effluent and agricultural run-off has been identified as a major cause for eutrophication. Phosphorous concentrations greater than 100 μg P/L are usually considered high enough to cause...
review 2019
Jiang, N. (author), Shang, R. (author), Heijman, S.G.J. (author), Rietveld, L.C. (author)
High-silica zeolites have been found to be effective adsorbents for the removal of organic micro-pollutants (OMPs) from impaired water, including various pharmaceuticals, personal care products, industrial chemicals, etc. In this review, the properties and fundamentals of high-silica zeolites are summarised. Recent research on mechanisms and...
review 2018