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Vendel, K.J.A. (author), Tschirpke, S. (author), Shamsi, F. (author), Dogterom, A.M. (author), Laan, L. (author)
Cell polarity - the morphological and functional differentiation of cellular compartments in a directional manner - is required for processes such as orientation of cell division, directed cellular growth and motility. How the interplay of components within the complexity of a cell leads to cell polarity is still heavily debated. In this...
review 2019
Diepeveen, E.T. (author), Iñigo de la Cruz, L.M. (author), Laan, L. (author)
Polarity establishment underlies proper cell cycle completion across virtually all organisms. Much progress has been made in generating an understanding of the structural and functional components of this process, especially in model species. Here we focus on the evolutionary dynamics of the fungal polarization protein network in order to...
review 2017