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Poelma, R.H. (author), Van Zeijl, H. (author), Zhang, G. (author)
The invention relates to vias for three dimensional (3D) stacking, packaging and heterogeneous integration of semi-conductor layers and wafers. In particular, the invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a via, to a via, to a 3D circuit and to a semiconductor device. Vias are interconnects used to vertically interconnect chips,...
patent 2014
Rem, P.C. (author), Zhang, S. (author)
The present invention relates to a method of separating non-ferro metal particles using a rotating magnetic field. According to the invention the particles are surrounded by a fluid restricting the fall-velocity significantly, suitably a fluid having a density of at least 0.1 kg/l. The presence of such a medium causes the particle, if it is a...
patent 2000