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Wang, G. (author), Zhao, Junfei (author), Haringa, C. (author), Tang, W. (author), Xia, Jianye (author), Chu, Ju (author), Zhuang, Yingping (author), Zhang, Siliang (author), Deshmukh, A.T. (author), van Gulik, W.M. (author), Heijnen, J.J. (author), Noorman, H.J. (author)
In a 54 m<sup>3</sup> large-scale penicillin fermentor, the cells experience substrate gradient cycles at the timescales of global mixing time about 20–40 s. Here, we used an intermittent feeding regime (IFR) and a two-compartment reactor (TCR) to mimic these substrate gradients at laboratory-scale continuous cultures. The IFR was applied to...
journal article 2018