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Zhang, T. (author)
Patients with colorectal cancer are frequently presented with liver metastases for which (partial) resection is often the best therapy. However, the future remnant liver, the remaining part of the liver after resection, should allow adequate liver function to avoid liver failure. This thesis presents novel methods for the accurate voxel-wise...
doctoral thesis 2019
Zhang, T. (author), Wu, Z. (author), Runge, Jurgen H. (author), Lavini, Cristina (author), Stoker, Jaap (author), Van Gulik, Thomas (author), Cieslak, Kasia P. (author), van Vliet, L.J. (author), Vos, F.M. (author)
The Couinaud classification of hepatic anatomy partitions the liver into eight functionally independent segments. Detection and segmentation of the hepatic vein (HV), portal vein (PV) and inferior vena cava (IVC) plays an important role in the subsequent delineation of the liver segments. To facilitate pharmacokinetic modeling of the liver...
conference paper 2018
Zhang, T. (author), Li, Z. (author), Runge, Jurgen H. (author), Lavini, Cristina (author), Stoker, Jaap (author), Van Gulik, Thomas (author), van Vliet, L.J. (author), Vos, F.M. (author)
In Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) of the liver, a series of images is acquired over a period of 20 minutes. Due to the patient's breathing, the liver is subject to a substantial displacement between acquisitions. Furthermore, due to its location in the abdomen, the liver also undergoes marked deformation. The large deformations...
conference paper 2016