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Zhang, C. (author)
In conventional applications, such as bio-imaging and microscopy, SPAD is typically used as a single-photon counter. However, this advantage has been challenged by other photon-counting technologies, especially from CMOS-based QIS. Comparatively, apart from single-photon counting capability, QIS is superior to SPAD in terms of intrinsic multi...
doctoral thesis 2019
Zhang, C. (author), Lindner, S.A. (author), Antolović, I.M. (author), Wolf, Martin (author), Charbon, E.E.E. (author)
Per-pixel time-to-digital converter (TDC) architectures have been exploited by single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) sensors to achieve high photon throughput, but at the expense of fill factor, pixel pitch and readout efficiency. In contrast, TDC sharing architecture usually features high fill factor at small pixel pitch and energy efficient...
journal article 2018
Ishihara, R. (author), Zhang, J. (author), Trifunovic, M. (author), Derakhshandeh Kheljani, J. (author), Golshani, N. (author), Tajari Mofrad, M.R. (author), Chen, T. (author), Beenakker, C.I.M. (author), Shimoda, T. (author)
We review our recent achievements in monolithic 3D-ICs and flexible electronics based on single-grain Si TFTs that are fabricated inside a single-grain with a low-temperature process. Based on pulsed-laser crystallization and submicron sized cavities made in the substrate, amorphous-Si precursor film was converted into poly-Si having grains that...
journal article 2014