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Townend, I (author), Wang, Z.B. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author), Zhou, Z. (author)
Whilst much attention has been given to models that describe wave, tide and sediment transport processes in sufficient detail to determine the local changes in bed level over a relatively detailed representation of the bathymetry, far less attention has been given to models that consider the problem at a much larger scale (e.g. that of...
journal article 2016
Lam, N.T. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author), Van der Wegen, M. (author)
Hydraulic characteristics of flow in a tidal inlet act an important role in morphological changes of the inlet. In normal conditions, inlet currents flush sediment out of the inlet to maintain its opening against longshore sediment transports that tend to close the inlet. The currents in the inlet are contributed by the tides and also from...
journal article 2004