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Jose Alonso, J.J. (author)
Different measures will be executed in the framework PKB “Room for the River” in order to lower the water levels in the river area during normative high discharges. The plan Ontpoldering Noordwaard is one of them and has as aim to inundate parts of the Noordwaard during high discharges. Water coming from the Nieuwe Merwede as result of high...
report 2010
Sewagudde, S. (author)
The objective of this study is to develop a methodology for hybrid modelling of sedimentation in a coastal basin or large shallow lake where physically based and data driven approaches are combined. This research was broken down into three blocks. The first block explores the possibility of approximating a physically based model using a data...
report 2008
Yossef, M.F.M. (author)
Report on a physical scale model test in the Fluid Mechanics lab on the effect of groynes on the bed and sediment transport in rivers.
report 2003