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Van Rooijen, A. (author), Reniers, A. (author), Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author), Blenkinsopp, C. (author), McCall, R. (author)
A one-dimensional hydrostatic version of the XBeach model (Roelvink et al., 2009) is applied to hindcast swash morphodynamics measured during an accretive, and an erosive tide at Le Truc Vert beach (France) in early spring 2008 (Masselink et. al, 2009; Blenkinsopp et al., 2011). Swash hydrodynamics are solved by applying the nonlinear shallow...
conference paper 2012
Riad, K. (author)
It has long been observed that at most canal bifurcations the water diverted to the branch does not carry sediment in direct proportion to the rate of flow. Usually, the major part of sediment reaching a bifurcation is diverted into the small branches. This phenomenon has always bothered engineers responsible for the maintenance of irrigation...
doctoral thesis 1961